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Crossing the Uzkek-Kazah desert, 2000 of kilometers of nothingness.

I had dreaded the Uzbek desert crossing. In the end what can sound less appealing to a cyclist than the monotony of a straight road through the middle of the nothingness, with the almost the same scenery from sunrise until sunset, day in and day out. It is the unknown around the corner that turns […]

The Bartang valley, the adventure of crossing the wild Pamir.

As I reach a small crossroad on the Pamir highway, 20 kilometers after leaving Karakul, I once again take out the map trying to consider my options. On one hand I can follow the “official” Pamir highway towards Murghab or I can take the small road which branches off in front of me towards the […]

Three weeks in Kyrgystan, wild mountains, bad roads and good company.

The wind is still blowing when I get out of my tent in the middle of the night, a warm summer wind which seems strange when I think that the hill where I’ve found tonight’s camping spot is at over 3000 meters. I turn off the light and while I wait for my eyes to […]

Tadjikistan, Dushanbe to Khorog, the first part of the Pamir Highway

Heading towards the Pamir, some practical considerations and a small photo journal.

Uzbekistan, the sunset over Bukhara, jewel of the east.

A short visit in a city which seems to be frozen in time since the times of Timur.

A quick dash across Turkmenistan, the Karakum desert, empty roads and the ancient city of Merv

Turkmenistan is a country which wants to see you across it as quickly as possible, with a transit visa lasting only for 5 days and with 460 kilometer to cross it at it’s narrowest point, between Serakhs in Iran and Turkmenabat at the border with Uzbeksitan. When you add the fact that border crossings only […]

Cycling 2000 kilometers through Iran and some practical considerations

Some thoughts about the 3 weeks I’ve spent cycling through Iran, a photo journal and some practical considerations.

Riding towards Ararat through the Anatolian plateau

A short photo journal of the couple of days spent riding towards Ararat and towards Iran through the Anatolian plateau.