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Once again home in the Cozia mountains.

After two days and a half on the road, and after meeting my parents in Slatina we manage to break away for one day for one short tour in the Cozia mountains. If we come to think of it, it has been at least 6 months since we’ve been to real mountains, and our past […]

Pe langa Fritz-Pflaum Huette
Trekking to Fritz-Pflaum huette, Wilder Kaiser day 5

We wake up early in the morning, and after finishing all the food we had heft we say goodbye from Strisenjochhaus for a while, and we start down towards the parking place. After two days with a lot of climbing our bodies which are used to 20-30m walls ask for a break, so that we’re […]

Refugio Musatti
Trading Wilder Kaiser for the Marmarole

After almost a week in Wilder Kaiser, we feel the need to change the mountain and to diversify our activities. Even though we wanted to see Dachstein, in the end the call of the Dolomites is stronger, and so after a morning swim at the foot of Wilder Kaiser we drive the 250 kilometers which […]

Dolomites Cristallo
Searching for the trail in the Marmarole

A small adventure in the wild Marmole Dolomites, a mountain chain which has quite a number of high bivouacs amongst them Musatti and Voltolina