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In Romania there aren’t a lot of people who haven’t heard of Mihai Barbu and of his trip to Mongolia. Before him other travelers did long adventurous journeys but probably he was the first who told a really good story of the trip, and by doing that he managed to inspire a lot of other people to start on intereting journeys. And in a way I hope to do the same with my journey.

At least in my case the travel journals I have been reading the past years played an important role in deciding that I actually want to do this. Now getting back to the photos I’m really glad that Mihai spared some time for a couple of shots, and I cannot help but wonder if I would take the same photos after 9 months how changed would be the person standing in the photo. I’m pretty sure that the clothes and the bike won’t be as new.

I could write a lot of things on the subject but with two days until the departure time is short and the posts will be even shorter.





Pentru noutati din calatorii si pentru idei de aventuri mail-ul ramane cea mai sigura varianta.

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  1. Hello, hope you both are well, think you are, I am now on my way to Teheran in Iran and want to go Aserbajan, I can see on your map that you are in kyrgyztan, nexst to Tajikistan. You have taeevlrd a long way. I hope the best for you and take good care. Kent from Greenland, riding the BMW

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