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Taking out the skis on the first winter days, Baiului mountains

The first ski tour of a rather short skiing season for me, searching for the powder in the Baiului mountains.

The Polartec Challenge

First of all maybe I should start a bit by explaining what is the Polartec Challenge. Each year the guys from Polartec decide to support a number of daring projects around the world, with the aim of encouraging exploration challenges around all the corners of the world. When I first found out about it, and […]

Valea Alba
Trying out once again the plastic boots

Trying out once again the plastic boots on the Valea Alba in the Bucegi mountains.

Bent Wheel
The bad hour and the bent wheel

How you can get from a straight wheel to a bent wheel in the traffic from Bucharest, and how you can temporarily fix the issue in the most Romanian bike shop in Bucharest.

Returning home to Romania.

A couple of thoughts about how it feels like to return to Romania after more than one year.

Once again home in the Cozia mountains.

After two days and a half on the road, and after meeting my parents in Slatina we manage to break away for one day for one short tour in the Cozia mountains. If we come to think of it, it has been at least 6 months since we’ve been to real mountains, and our past […]

About maps and navigation

About maps and navigation for a bike tour through Central Asia. Advantages and disadvantages and some useful information.

Maxcycles Townlite
The bike, preparations for the journey ahead

What would I need to change for the journey ahead, which parts stay and which parts have to go. I tried to reduce it to the bare minimum.

Czech Republic on two wheels, Žďár, Telč and Třebíč

A 250 kilometer bike tour through Czech Republic, with the cities of Žďár, Telč and Třebíč