The main motivation for writing on this blog is to inspire, and if at least someone is inspired to spend a day outside and explore the surroundings, then it’s target has been already reached.

The short and romantic story is that I would like to think that I’m the same young boy which was exploring the world 25 years ago, full of imagination and wonder. The dificult part is maintaing the same fascination until old age.

The long story is that I’m a 30 year old software developer from Romania, but living in Berlin since 2012, with a passion for the mountains, for wild places and for spending time outside. I’m a mix between a runner, a climber, a photographer, a skier, a bike touring lover and other countless hobbies linked with spending time outdoors. I’m fairly competitive and I like taking part in competitions, but at the same time I have a love for true adventure, which usually can only be achieved outside the frame of endurance competitions. I’m also really lucky to be married to one of the most understanding wives on this planet, which not only supports me in whatever unusual plans I have, but also shares almost all of my passions.

At the same time I believe that even in our current time, when there are no blank areas on the map people can experience genuine adventures, and usually only a little imagination is required.

Working a 9-6 job in the past 7 years, we’re mostly weekend warriors, spending each weekend somewhere outside, the wilder the place the better the experience. Thus the content of this blog is a collection of journals from the past 4 years, mostly from the Romanian mountains, but also from other parts of Europe. Unfortunately not all entries are translated into English, it’s currently work in progress. The content in Romanian can also be explored with the help of google translate.

The entire lifestyle is about to change though in the beginning of 2014, when I’m leaving my current job with a plan on doing longer adventures which cannot be squeezed into a long holiday.

These include a human powered expedition to Khan Tengri, a 7000 meter peak from Tien Shan, starting from Romania , and a crossing of the Carpathian mountains in winter, a 400 kilometer journey on skies through the wildest and highest mountains from Romania.


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