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I’m in my element somewhere up on a mountain, or in the middle of nowhere, doing things which are challenging for me. In the past 20 years I’ve spent in an obsessive manner almost every weekend outdoors, and while doing that I’ve gathered as passions alpinism, mountain running, mountain biking, bikepacking and skiing. By trade I’m a software developer, also for about 7 years, and I enjoy writing code and working on complex projects in motivated organizations, but looking back the best moments are the ones spent in the mountains, or with friends, or better yet with friends in the mountains.

Also somewhere on the road I picked up photography as a hobby, like a way of documenting the trips. This goes well with the fact that I spent a lot of time in places where photogenic by themselves. From time to time I also enjoy writing short articles about my experiences, even though what comes out clearly is no Hemmingway.

I enjoy learning new languages, and after learning Romanian and Hungarian while growing up as a kid, in time I’ve added English, German, Spanish (from the trip in South America) and a bit of French and Russian (from all the time spent in Central Asia). At the same time I realize that it’s impossible to learn all the languages on this world, and the easiest way to understand one another would be through English. That being said English feels very much like a second language for me now, with most of the books I read being in English, and this is also the reason why this blog will have mixed content, part English, part Romanian.

So in short:

Part cyclist, part adventurer, part husband, part father, part software developer, part bookworm.


Values and priorities for a person are in contant flux but looking back at the past years there are few which either stay the same or even grew stronger over time. In no particular order and with no claim of being complete, here are some of them:

  • Outside is the best side, which roughly translates that the best experiences are the ones lived in nature and under the open sky.
  • People and friendships over things and places
  • Always challenge yourself with things which are outside of capabilities, this might come through intelectual or physical challenges. A true adventure in a way combines both.
  • You have to constantly put yourself in the face of beauty. Not all people have the ability to see this natural beauty, but for those of who can it’s not a matter of If , it’s a matter of Must
  • There is value in minimalism and in simplicity over complexity.


4 responses to “About me”

  1. Dennis Avatar

    Hi Diaconescu! I’m an American living in Almaty, Kazakhstan, researching Central Asian falconry traditions. I was researching adventure grants and found your project, and just wanted to offer help if you need any. I lived in Kyrgyzstan for a year, speak Russian and Kazakh, and have a degree in Eurasian Studies from Stanford University. If you need any advice or help travelling in the region, let me know.

    Dennis Keen

    1. Diaconescu Radu Avatar

      Thanks for the offer, considering that I will spend almost 3 months in Kyrgyzstan it’s more than welcome. Can you send me a mail at Diaconescu.Radu@gmail.com to ask a couple of questions regarding things which aren’t really clear for me regarding Kyrgysztan?

      All the best,

  2. Adela Panainte Avatar

    te’am vazut la tv si mi’a placut energia ta! bravo! esti super!!

    si pt ca azi citeam despre asta, iti arat caci cred ca iti poate fi util si tie:

    multa pace iti doresc sa simti pe tot parcursul expeditiei tale, sau ce iti doresti tu!

    1. pax Avatar

      deci, ai încercat Arnica?! adev?r avanseaz? Adela?
      a?tept r?spuns, mul?umesc!!

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