About the blog

The goal of the blog is to inspire, and if at least one post or one photo make someone spend at least one day outdoors, then the goal has already been reached.

Besides trying to inspire people, any writing and any photo also hold a self-documenting value by trying freeze some moments which would be otherwise lost as time goes by. And so everything is a mix between writing for yourself and writing for others, and it’s sometimes hard to get both right.

But there are moments when I find myself spending some time on the archive page, trying to remember things which happened long ago, and when I do that I’m really happy that I took the time back then to sort the photos and write the short story of the events. And even though I have a pretty good memory of almost all the days spent outdoors, being able to remember things which happened years ago, I’m not sure if my memory will remain the same as time goes by.

And after this entire introduction about keeping a journal and writing a blog, comes a short description about what can one find on this site. The content is a mix between stories of days spent in the mountains, gathered in the past 5 years, and it contains alpinism, bike-touring, trekking, mountain running and ski. And considering that usually we spend almost every weekend outside we have gathered quite a few journals throughout these years. Unfortunately not all the journals are translated into English, but Google translate can do a decent job sometimes.

And even though 90% of the posts are related to the mountain, at least until the end year the blog will be “poluted” by a series of posts related to the 9 month bike tour which I plan through Central Asia, which is also in turn related to a mountain.


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