Ca pe roate

In front of the microphone

In a January month which was incredibly full and in which I split my time between spending time in the mountains and between organizing the trip, I also tried to make the project known to the Romanian media. In the end the only thing which I can offer in return is a story, a story which may seem interesting and which may inspire in turn, a story which I will write for me but which can also be read by others.

And so from the benevolence of several persons which resonated to the idea of a long trip to a mountain at the end of the world in ended up twice in front of a Radio microphone, once at the national Romanian Radio Station (Radio Romania Actualitati) at the “Like on wheels” Radio show and once at Radio France International at an interview with Andreea Orosz. The first one was live during a weekend show while during the second one we had more time to talk about the project in detail.

And now regarding the experience of talking on the Radio, as it was the first time for me, it’s interesting because you don’t realize that there are people listening on the other end and things are more relaxed. At the same time it’s a bit weird when you use the headphones and when you hear yourself and realize that you don’t sound like your normal self. And when time is limited it’s really hard to try to reduce everything to the essential parts, and I feel like given enough time I could go on for hours regarding the adventure which is in front of me.

Unfortunately all the recordings are in Romanian, as the main audience is in Romania.

The live condensed version from Radio Romania Actualitati.

And the long version from Radio France International and a short article can be found over here.




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