Picaturi de toamna

Khan Tengri, the beginning

A really good question is which would be the how do you start to prepare a trip like this, and what would be the things you need. First of all you one need time, way more time than the normal yearly holiday.

Time is probably the most important and the only limited resource which we have, and while living in our modern society when you would wonder how would it be to have all the time in the world. Finding a balance is difficult, but at least for me, and for my plans for the following year 30 days really isn’t enough, as I would need 9 months, or the equivalent of the holiday days for 9 years if such a trade were possible.

And so we come to the first step, and after 18 months spent in Germany and after a small cultural adventure, we realized that our place isn’t here, and there are to many things we hold dear that we’ve left behind in Romania. And after taken the decision, it follows that the best moment for such an expedition is between jobs. Related to handing out my resignation, by chance the Romanian half of the team in which working was in Berlin. And so when giving the news I had a small public made up of my work colleagues. It did make things a bit more eficient (I didn’t have to tell the story 20 times over), and it did provide a bit of a feedback.

18 luni.

18 months.

Whether the german coleagues, or the romanian coleagues understood my plans for the next year it’s hard to say, but over time they probably realized that I tick in slightly different way, so the resignation wasn’t met with to much suprise, rather with curiosity. At the same time finally telling the people about my plans came as a relief, as the decision was already taken for quite some months. And in the end I could talk freely and with passion about my plans for the next year.

Colegii de munca si in acelasi timp micul public.

My work colleagues and at the same time the small public..

I tried at the same time to make a discreet movie with my resignation speech, on one hand in order to preserve the moment, on the other hand in order to avoid telling the same thing over and over too many times. Unfortunately because I tried to be discreet, the footage isn’t that good, so for the first part you can only hear a talking headless t-shirt with feet.

At the same time giving my resignation did feel like a small step in to the unknown, leaving the financial safety of a job with no idea about how things will work out at the end of the adventure. But perhaps exactly in that lies the beauty of an adventure, in the uncertainty in which some of us thrive, and some of us completely hate. But it did feel a bit like jumping without a safety net, but only time can tell how the landing will be.




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