Once again home in the Cozia mountains.

After two days and a half on the road, and after meeting my parents in Slatina we manage to break away for one day for one short tour in the Cozia mountains. If we come to think of it, it has been at least 6 months since we’ve been to real mountains, and our past months in Berlin were filled up with bike touring weekends and with preparations for the bike touring expedition from 2014.

At the same time since leaving Berlin we’ve had almost only sunny days with clear skies, and in a week we probably saw the sun more than in two months in Berlin. Berlin is a really nice city, but with all due respect the winter months are too dark and grey for us.

Cozia is one of the mountains which I consider more or less home. It’s the first tallest mountain with an impressive view which I saw up until now, and it one of the mountains in which I’ve been the most. But somehow each time is a bit different, the seasons and the light change, and with time we also change.

This time we’ve been lucky enough to do the tour together with two friends form Romania, Elena and Alex which accompanied us together with their one and a half year old daughter Ana. The two are probably the best example that life doesn’t end once you have a kid, and the young girl probably saw more mountains than I saw before I was 24.

Plapuma de frunze.

Leaf blanket.

Descoperind Cozia pe propriile picioare.

Discovering Cozia on her own feet.

Tatic  model (mai ales la capitolul manusi).

Modelling father (especially the gloves)



Din punctul de pauza si de belvedere unde m-am oprit de atatea ori.

The rest place where I’ve stopped so many times.

Mai e mult pana sus?

Are we there yet?

Ma dusei sa privesc Oltul de sus.

Looking over the Old river.

Din nou acasa.

Once again home.

La inaltime.

The scenic view from Cozia.

Umbrele noastre la Cozia.

Our shadows.

Zambetul unei zile de toamna.

The smile of an autumns day.

Pe muchia Turneanu.

On the Turneanu ridge.

Pasind catre apus.

Descending towards the sunset.

Coborarea pe muchia Turneanu care a fost destul de solicitanta psihic si fizic.

Tired faces.




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