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Cycling 2000 kilometers through Iran and some practical considerations

Some thoughts about the 3 weeks I’ve spent cycling through Iran, a photo journal and some practical considerations.

Riding towards Ararat through the Anatolian plateau

A short photo journal of the couple of days spent riding towards Ararat and towards Iran through the Anatolian plateau.

Ani, the deserted city

In just a few minutes the sun is going hide behind a mountain in the background and I’m rushing with my camera in my hand in order to catch the last glimpses of light over Ani. I’ve been pedaling the entire day at altitudes over 2000 meters with headwind and I’ve managed to reach the […]

Turkey, an introduction in Asia

The introduction in Asia starts in my case with Turkey, one of the most interesting countries I’ve visited up. But spring continues to delay it’s appearance.

Bulgaria – an exercise in solitude

Some thoughts about Bulgaria and crossing it on a bike in relatively cold February ending.

The departure

Finally the departure day has arrived, and after taking my goodbye from my friends and family the long journey starts with a day of riding with friends.

Before and after photos

A short post about taking some shots before the trip, with Mihai Barbu.

The first visa – Kyrgystan

The first visa for the journey and a short plan for getting all the other visas.

Ca pe roate
In front of the microphone

The experience of talking for the first time in front of an radio microphone at two Romanian Radio stations.